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Mary's traction alopecia hair transplantation results in comparison before and after surgery. The 1 year before and after images in this video speak for themselves. Impressively restored hairlines like Mary's are what you can expect by getting hair transplantation surgery from our skilled and experienced hair transplant doctors.

If you are suffering from hair loss due to Tension Alopecia would you like to get your hair restored that will leave you with a fuller, thicker head of hair just like our patient Mary? Learn more about getting permanent hair loss solutions for black women, visit then call us at 844-327-4247, or internationally, +1 954-372-8844.

After years of dealing with late-stage traction alopecia brought on by wearing braids and weaves, our patient Mary no longer wanted to suffer continued hair loss. Mary, after researching her hair loss problems and watching many of our hair restoration videos, decided to change her life chose to take action, and get hair transplant surgery at Natural Hair Transplants.

As you can see, her hairline has been restored to its youthful appearance. It has been 1 one year since her hair transplant to restore her edges caused by tension alopecia. Feel free to share her amazing hair transplantation results with anyone who may be suffering from hair loss and is looking for a permanent hair loss solution to traction alopecia.

Hair damage caused by traction alopecia can be reversed and your edges can be repaired. Watch 100s of hair restoration videos here.

Are you suffering hair loss due to traction alopecia? Untreated, it can cause permanent hair loss. Traction Alopecia hair loss can be caused by excessive tension and pulling on the roots and strands of hair. Predominantly seen in African American females and women who wear tight and damaging hairstyles. You can get your edges back like these patients, too.

Natural Transplants never charges to speak with any of our hair transplant doctors to get all your questions like how many hairs you can expect to be transplanted in a single procedure, hair transplant options, and after-surgery care. Don't delay, get the knowledge you need to make an informed hair transplant Hair Growth Solution surgery choice. Our hair restoration surgeons will answer all your hair loss questions. Call 844-327-4247.

Hair loss problems caused by traction alopecia won't be fixed with potions or oils, but hair transplantation can give you a permanent solution to your hair loss. Traction alopecia can be caused by using these hairstyles for extended periods of time: braids, extensions, cornrows, tight ponytails, or buns and weaves. See

If you have a receding hairline due to years of bad styling practices call 844-327-4247 and discover how you can get your hairline restored with hair restoration surgery with Natural Transplants.

Watch these YouTube hair transplant videos:

The cost of a hair transplant is an investment in yourself and the restoration procedure produces permanent and natural-looking results. At Natural Transplants, hair transplant surgery ranges from $6,000 to $16,000. Hair transplantation is usually much more successful than over-the-counter hair restoration hair loss solutions.

Are you suffering hair loss due to traction alopecia like our patient Mary? She chose to get a permanent solution to her hair loss. Over 30% of women of African descent will suffer from traction alopecia caused by wearing various forms of hairstyling that pull on the roots of their hair for extended periods of time.

Traction alopecia hair loss can be stopped and your edges can Hair Surgery Cost be repaired and restored using your own natural hair. At Natural Transplants our knowledgeable hair doctors are available to discuss your tension alopecia problem FREE of charge. Contact us today for hair restoration at 844-327-4247.

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